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Branding and Creative Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Business Development

We produce beautiful websites, outstanding brands and contagious content.

Expand-Business is a full-service web development & digital marketing agency. With a passion for marketing and design, we create brands, websites and digital marketing campaigns that make our clients succeed. Add a little of our creative madness and achieve high quality, powerful results for your business.

Expand-Business can serve as either your own remote team or act as an ongoing support for your existing, in-house employees. We can come up with an original brand message and expose it to your target audience through a series of tailored marketing campaigns.

We are constantly looking for challenging projects and inspiring new ideas!


Branding and Creative Design

Branding and Creative Design

It all begins with forming the right strategy for your brand, to ensure that we target the right message at the right audience. We create brands that connect emotionally with potential customers and will work with you to develop a coherent communication strategy to back it up. Our original, creative design services will add value to your business and bolster your marketing campaigns.

Services: Brand and Communication Strategy, Brand Book, Logo Design, Business Cards Design, Corporate and Promotional Video Production

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Web Development

Website development is our passion. We combine cross browser user experience, beautiful yet functional design, and solid back-end development with SEO in mind. After creating an original brand we can build your website or web application and maintain your project for the foreseeable future.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS / CSS3, JavaScript, C/C++, C#, Java, PHP, ASP.NET, WordPress, Ruby on Rails

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Digital Marketing

We produce multi-platform digital content and distribute it across various online channels to reach the right audience for your business.

Services: Marketing Strategy, Digital Content Production and Distribution (video: animated explainer videos, website videos, infographics, photography, graphic design, copywriting, creative writing) Social Media Marketing, Community Management, Email Marketing Campaigns (MailChimp)

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Business Development

When your brand is already out there and you engage with your targeted audience through quality content that represents your values and culture we can introduce creative ideas on how to grow your business further and deliver a tailor made lead generation strategy.

Services: Business Development Strategy, Account Management, Consulting Services for foreign SMEs to successfully develop their business in United Kingdom

Our team

We are nomads by nature, working from different locations and moving around the globe.

Production is handled “in-house” by our team and it makes our workflow between the strategy, production and distribution seamless and efficient.

Meet our international team of creatives and find out how much fun it is to work with us!



Creative Writer,

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Content Marketing Manager



Marketing Manager, Founder



Front-End Developer



Business Development Startup Specialist

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Service Designer and Innovation Strategist



Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager

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Videographer and Editor

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Full Stack Developer



Content Writer

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